Disneyland: New Foods and Fan Favorites

Let's face it, once one gets an annual passport to Disneyland, does one really ever go for anything else besides the food? With the Fo...

Let's face it, once one gets an annual passport to Disneyland, does one really ever go for anything else besides the food? With the Food & Wine Festival in town at California Adventures, as well as the newly-themed Beauty and the Beast Red Rose Taverne (previously Village Haus), I spent an entire trip indulging in sweet treats because, well, why not? (p.s. wouldn't recommend. almost threw up. kind of worth it.) Here's some new stuff, limited stuff, and all-time favorite stuff.

The Food & Wine Festival brought us a much better selection of drinks than the limited-selection Karl Strauss and Margarita bar carts. There were wine flights, beer flights, and even a beer garden. Samantha and I tried the So-Cal beer flight, trying to aim for refreshing tastes and avoiding the current infinite realm of craft brews made back home. We also tried the Spring Berry Sour from Backstreet Brewery-- so good! It tastes like juice but is very light compared to the sours at Ballast Point (so far nothing will top my Blended Sour Wench). The festival and beer garden won't be around for long, but if you're looking for some good drinks, try the Cove Bar (add tequila to your cotton candy lemonade, mm) or Carthay Circle. 

The festival also featured a lot of food from different cultures as well as just interesting culinary experiences. We tried "Banh Mi Nachos", which was essentially a sweet meat with some jackfruit. Tasted nothing like banh mi sandwiches. It was good, but not something I would purchase again.

The new release of Beauty and The Beast has made its mark at Disneyland. I knew I couldn't leave without trying some goodies at Red Rose Taverne while it's still here. We went for Gaston's Brew, an apple-mango juice with a passion fruit foam. The juice was refreshing and made my tastebuds do a happy-dance, but boy, was it SWEET! The foam itself was the topping on the soon-to-burst balloon-cake called my belly. Also tried the grey stuff, it's delicious! It's a raspberry atop a red velvet cake atop a biscotti, covered in grey white chocolate mousse. 

New, and possibly for a limited time only, is the Dole Whip cotton candy over in California Adventures. I used to be addicted to the Dole Whip floats, so when I heard about this, I knew I had to get my hands on it. The verdict: 5/10. For one, it's better than the regular cotton candy. But in the end, it tastes like just straight sugar. It's hardly reminiscent in flavor to the Dole Whip, and really only resembles its color. If you're a huge cotton candy fan, maybe you'll love it. I, personally, wouldn't rave about it.

Lastly, I tried the Lost Treasure Beignets, which are here for a limited time in honor of The Pirate's of The Caribbean anniversary. It's a lemon flavored beignet with gold dust, fit for a true princess (or obviously, a pirate). The powder on this got everywhere. It looked like I walked into a hedge of sugar and gold with my mouth open. However, I would say it's the most flavorful beignet I've had. If you're a sucker for lemon flavor, this is the treat for you! But I personally could barely finish this as the flavor began to become too powerful. I'd have to say the original beignets are my favorite, but this is in the running for second place, with pumpkin for third. I've never tried the gingerbread flavor, so I'll have to get back to you on that.

And of course, I couldn't leave you without mention my favorite Disney foods. I'll be honest, almost everything they offer at the parks is soooo good, and you'll hardly be disappointed in whatever you choose to get. The cream cheese pretzel has to be one of my top favorite treats-- golden-brown pull-apart bread with that warm sweet cheese, *drool*. The corn-dogs here are an often overlooked guilty pleasure, but never fail when you need a good "not-a-snack-but-not-a-meal". The Matterhorn coconut macaroons from Jolly Holiday are dipped in chocolate and covered in powdered sugar; perfect dessert ending to a long day. Some of my other honorable mentions include: Cherry Vanilla Coke form the Coke Corner, Ice Cream (anywhere), Blue Bayou restaurant, Dill Pickles (those fruit and chip carts), Churros (again, anywhere), Turkey legs, and Popcorn (every.where.). Nothing innovative, but all timeless and reliable. What are your favorites?

FTC: This post is not sponsored. All products were purchased by me (and Sam) and all opinions are my own.

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